Yet another #Masterkey Member Press Release!

Somewhere in the Mediterranean, Feb 1, 2029

I was so excited when my dear friend Nicole Sikora, invited me to her sailboat in the Mediterranean to spend time with her and see the life she created for herself. We knew each other when we both were at a place in our lives where we were both at crossroads. We were both going through separations, divorces and looking for a ways to build our new lives. After we went on an invigorating sail in the crystal blue waters on this amazing blue sky day, Nicole opened a pinot noir wine from the area, “one of my favorites” she tells me as she pours two glasses. We start relaxing in the cockpit area and I begin asking her a few questions about her life.

Are you living here year-round? – “No. I love spending my time here but I’m still living closer to my boys. They moved to BC around the Vancouver area a few years ago, so I have a place there. I come to the Mediterranean more than twice a year to go sailing and enjoy the foods and wine from around here.” I have a look around the sailboat. She’s a beauty! A 37 foot Bavaria with room for 6 adults to comfortably sleep. The cabin is spacious with teak wood finishes and clean white cushions that look very inviting. There are windows all around so plenty of light goes into the cabin. The cockpit, where we are basking in the sun, is an extension of the inside space nd quite comfortable.

Do you see your boys often? – “Yes! I am thrilled that they visit me at least once a month when I am in Vancouver. When I am here, they have been known to show up every now and again to come sailing with their dear Mom! LOL. We have had a great relationship that got so much better after my book launch.”

Oh ya! Your book! Tell me about that…- “Well…that was interesting how that all came about. I really never had even dreamed of writing a book before 2020 let alone attempt it. I started working on a program called Master Key Experience. It is a six month course to work on myself to develop my “inner self” and become a better me and really dive into what I wanted out of life. During the first few weeks where we had to blog, I realized that writing can be fun. And earlier in the year, I had been to a retreat where it was suggested that I had a writer in me. Next thing I know, I’m looking at book writing in google and it was off to the races for me!!!”

I’m so thrilled for Nicole. She is so happy and content. Her energy is captivating and she has really flourished. I can tell that money is not a concern for her like it was when I first knew her going through the “ugly years”. I ask her gingerly…

Where did you find the means for all this?- “I found a fabulous job back in 2021, where my coworkers and my boss were happy, enthusiastic and empathetic. That gave me the strength to start building a tidy little savings and the confidence to finish writing my book. My book added substantially to my savings and I invested it wisely. I am proud to say I currently live off the interest of my savings since 2027!”

Nicole, this is all so fantastic and I am so happy for you that you have been able to find your way here. Thank you so much for inviting me and I am ecstatic to be spending more time here this week. You know that I have recorded this and I am sharing it in on my upcoming podcast “Sparky’s Connection”*. Any final thoughts?

“Sure, Tim. I want to say its never too late to start something new. I know that’s not very original, but it’s true. As Haanel states, ‘There is a fine estate awaiting a claimant….all the heir has to do is assert his heirship, take possession and use the property’. I also want to say that I am very grateful to have met you and countless others who supported and believed in me both back in the ‘ugly’ day and through my developing years up till now. I truly have been given a gift. I always keep my promises.”

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