Master Key Experience Week 17HJ

Say, what??

So we are not on week 18 yet? We are stopped at the Hero’s Journey week instead. Hero? I’m no hero. Really, I’m happy just sitting here sipping my Grande non-fat, double shot, sugar-free vanilla cappuccino while I do my thing. Well… what is my “thing” and if I was truly happy, why would I have embarked on this journey with the Master Key Experience? So now I am examining how I am a hero.

I’m going to start by defining a hero. When I looked it up online, I find it says “a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. Hmmm, well, next I will look at my journey so far. I’m not sure that I am admired, but I have found courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities in myself, thanks to taking the time with some or many of our assignments. Our flash cards are a great way to remind ourselves of accomplishments: I graduated University with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, I have 2 wonderful sons, I have competed in a mini-triathlon just to name a few achievements I see every day when I go through my cards. The Franklin makeover has also been another fabulous tool to see our virtues or noble qualities. The persistence it takes to achieve any of my accomplishments proves to me I can persist. When I observe persistence in others, I find evidence that there is more inside and outside of me than I first thought. And courage…Some days it takes courage to just get out of bed while other days it takes courage to visit with my parents as I see dementia capturing what I remember of them as a child.

As part of a Hero’s journey, I must answer the call to adventure. My Herald is calling! It’s time for me to stop resisting! My mentor (Mark and his fantastic team) are helping me to see I can be a hero to one, or I can be a hero to many. But, I think, as I write this, I am finding I must be my own Hero first. I must believe in myself to show my authentic me, and with that, I will be a Hero. It really is in me and I can give that to others. I have proof, and now I believe. I no longer make excuses or pretend not to know. It’s time for me to stop grieving the old me and cross the threshold to meet my amazing, authentic me!

Published by Nicole

I sail and golf by summer and hibernate by winter! I live in Alberta where we can have temperatures as high as 35 Celsius and as low as -40 Celsius. I came upon The Master Key Experience after seeing my girlfriends posts on Facebook. I started blogging as part of the work needed for the course. I look forward to seeing where this all takes me! Follow me as the weeks go on...

21 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 17HJ

  1. Great insight! I just finished a DVD of Bill Moyer with Joseph Campbell (3 interviews) and George Lucas (1 short interview) on the Hero’s Journey. I especially enjoyed one of the last things Lucas said about the Hero’s Journey not necessarily needing to change the world, but being a hero can be as simple as saying a nice word, or helping out an individual when the opportunity arises, instead of looking the other way.

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    1. That’s part of what I was thinking when I wrote this. Maybe I am to be a hero to one where another wouldn’t see anything in the same action. Thanks Ron! I might try looking for those interviews:)


  2. Love it Nicole, a very authentic and true take on the Hero’s Journey. And yes you are Hero not just to yourself but to many! To anyone you support or inspire to make their own change… wait that’s cause and effect… and makes you a Herald! Cool! Fits you to a tee.

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  3. Nicole, good for you for realizing you are your own hero. You are a hero to others because they see the hero you are already. From your blog rover friend John.

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  4. You’re definitely on the right track to becoming your future self’s hero. There’s only one thing that I disagree with you about: Yeah, everyone involved in this course notices that you’re already a heroine including me😀👍

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