Master Key Experience Week 17

Good day! I love my Friday mornings where I get to sit down, enjoy my Grande double shot sugar-free vanilla syrup cappuccino and write my blog. My word of the week is “enthusiasm” so I am writing this with plenty of it. Let me know if it rubs off so I can add you to my list of showing enthusiasm!

I am loving Haanel this week too! There are a couple points he talks about that I will share with you. Even Haanel talks of enthusiasm. He says “Momentary enthusiasm is of no value: it is only with un-bounded self-confidence that the goal is reached”. I agree with this but I feel I take it one step further. If I approach anything with enthusiasm, does it not follow that my confidence will improve. Even if I am a bit uncertain about a situation, the eagerness I bring to it will certainly produce a confidence I may not have realized was from within. Self confidence is defined as trusting in one’s own abilities, qualities and judgment. Enthusiasm is defined as intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. So as long as my enthusiasm persists, I will develop more self-confidence and I will reach my goals!

Haanel also talks of concentration bringing about intuition. He suggest that concentration need not be difficult. Concentration should be something that becomes so much a part of me that I do it without conscious thought and I become so engrossed in it that I cannot think of anything else. Haanel compares it with an actor immersed in his character. And when I am so immersed in my concentration, my intuitive perception takes over.

Later on in the chapter, Haanel talks of paying attention to my intuition. Basically, by paying attention to it, I will develop it further. And by ignoring it, my intuition will come around less and less. He wrote it so beautifully! “the more cordial and welcome the more frequent his visits will become, but if he is ignored or neglected he will make his visits few and far apart”. Along with looking for enthusiasm this week, I am also looking for my intuition and paying closer attention. I know he will serve me well. Through my concentration, enthusiasm an intuition, I am unstoppable!

Published by Nicole

I sail and golf by summer and hibernate by winter! I live in Alberta where we can have temperatures as high as 35 Celsius and as low as -40 Celsius. I came upon The Master Key Experience after seeing my girlfriends posts on Facebook. I started blogging as part of the work needed for the course. I look forward to seeing where this all takes me! Follow me as the weeks go on...

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