Master Key Experience Week 5

Week 5…here I am. What a week so far, from being ready to give MKE all up, to being elated about how thing are working out in MKE, to a frank discussion with my live-in boyfriend about what I’m doing with MKE, to work and now blogging. Oh ya…I started a Beachbody workout too. All this and I am also not offering opinions this week…mostly:)

It’s actually been on quite interesting being observant of not offering my opinion. I’m finding I am asking more questions and people really are opening up. People really want to talk, share their opinions, and tell about themselves. Who knew? Apparently we all want to be heard. It seems even the moodiest person, when asked a question like “how do you feel about that”, is ready to give an answer to someone who is really ready to listen to the answer.

Time has also been an interesting word for me. I have caught myself on many occasions saying “I don’t have time for (blank)” or “I don’t understand how they have time for (blank)” or the best, “how do they expect me to have time for this”….Subby really has been hearing this. That hit me like a brick wall this morning. SO, I am creating a new message to send to subby. I have many important things to accomplish in my life and I have the freedom to make them happen. The power lies within! As Haanel states, “There is a fine estate awaiting a claimant…..I am the heir!” Liberty is mine! Time is no longer my enemy!

I am grateful to have been offered this opportunity with MKE and I continue my journey and self discovery!

Published by Nicole

I sail and golf by summer and hibernate by winter! I live in Alberta where we can have temperatures as high as 35 Celsius and as low as -40 Celsius. I came upon The Master Key Experience after seeing my girlfriends posts on Facebook. I started blogging as part of the work needed for the course. I look forward to seeing where this all takes me! Follow me as the weeks go on...

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